Kindness is: letting go of the stubborn


I can’t help myself. I’m just this way I say over and over and over again. And yet, I know – I KNOW – that just this way is not a valid explanation for…anything, really. I don’t accept just this way in any area of my life except for when it comes to me…and, most notably, when it comes to me being stubborn.

I make excuses. I’m stubborn in a good way. Stubborn in an I won’t stop until I get there kind of way. Stubborn in a I’m steering my own ship, goddammit kind of way.

But also stubborn in an I’m so tired I can hardly see straight but I won’t tell you that I would rather you went for a walk with the kid because that would mean that I admitted that I couldn’t do it kind of way.

And stubborn in a I’ll do it myself, work full-time, spend adequate time with the kid, be everything to everyone kind of way.

When in reality inside is screaming, I JUST WANT A SIMPLE LIFE. A life of ups and downs, as all lives are, but a SIMPLE life. With less fuss. Less bustle. More quiet. More time to throw toy fish into kitchen pots with the most darling 15 month around. Longer walks without to-do lists swirling through my mind. A Sunday night where my first thought is not a groan at the coming week, so much as it is a soft sigh at one week complete, one more ahead.

A summer that actually feels like summer: hot, humid, breezy, a bit sun-kissed. Most definitely NOT 68 degrees of climate controlled misery.

I’m getting side tracked.

That notion of being stubborn: I’ve begun to wonder how much being stubborn perpetuates itself. The I can do it myself attitude, while positive in some fronts, does not always have the thinker’s best interests in mind.

So I challenge myself: let go of the stubborn. Consciously choose to change that mindset. To shift the thinking. Embrace the simple. Take a step back, take on less, take a hike.

Stubbornly pursue the simple life.

Well, shoot. Maybe this is harder than I thought.

Tell me: what trait do you have that defines you in a good – or a bad – way? How do you turn it into a strength that helps guide your path?

Kindness is: stolen time


We could all use it: a little bit more time, peace, quiet, space to breathe.

The laundry never quits, dinner needs to be cooked, the kid is screaming, the husband needs a shirt ironed, the car needs an oil change…and you? What do you need and where is the time for you? It seems there is never enough.

So we steal time. In a gluttonous, indulgent, selfish, magnificent way.

We steal five minutes for a cup of coffee.

Four minutes for magazine article.

Three minutes for a chocolaty treat.

Two minutes for a pause outside in the fresh air

One minute for a few long, slow breaths.

Or even just a quick second for nothingness. Peaceful, quiet nothingness.

I challenge you: find the stolen time in your day. Sneak it in. Indulge in the simply luxury that is a few minutes, seconds, moments, whatever, just. for. you.

Give up the habit that is overlooking yourself, and for one stolen moment each and every day, embrace yourself in a tiny bit of kindness. It wraps you in a hearty hug, feeds your spirit, and adds a dash of brightness to the day.

So do it. Steal yourself some time and use it in the most gloriously, gluttonously, YOU kind of way.

Pay it forward, friends: remind those around you to seek out those stolen moments that soothe the soul and foster kindness within us. It doesn’t take but a moment.

Kindness is: a half day

Cubicle Volume 1

Pleasant as it may be to stare at this little dude’s smile each day, sometimes kindness means taking time for ME. And today? That time for me looks a whole lot like a 2:30 escape from the chilly temps inside of the office, out into the warm blanket that is summer on a humid day.

Extra time to be. To relax with the kid, go to the playground, drink a coffee, sit in silence (or as silent as the world can be when it’s shared with a 15 month old).

So I encourage you. Take time.  Just because. Because the emails can wait, the phone calls can wait, the meetings (oh dear lord, the meetings) can most definitely WAIT.

But you? You can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t wait.

So go for it. Be kind to you. Instead of sharing your drop of kindness with the world today, save it for yourself – a drop in your bucket. Savor it.



Kindness is: a hello


We’re looking for simple kindness here, and there is nothing more simple than a passing hello. A greeting to a passerby, an acknowledgement of another person, a simple hello. It takes so very little effort.

The reaction you receive may surprise you. First a quizzical look, then, after a brief pause, a smile and a hello in return.

And that is all. The end of the interaction. Both days carry on, much as they were moments before, but with a small – yet noticeable – glimmer of positivity.

So I challenge you. Say hello to folks you pass. Especially to the ones who look like they want it the least because more than likely, they need it the most.

It’s so small, so simple. The most basic act of kindness: acknowledgement of another soul.

Pay it forward, my friends, because every drop of kindness counts.

Together we create a sea.

Simple kindess.


That’s all we’re looking for. Simple, pure, thoughtful…kindness. In any way we can find it.

People who are kind to the world.

Companies that think in a different, honest, kind manner.  Companies that give back.

Adventures that spread kindness.

Simple, daily gestures that make the world a nicer place to be.

So welcome. Please join us for our journey.